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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Magendanz Donna Cello Nuova musica    
Magers William Viola New Art [19uu] b. 1934 d. 2011
Magers William Viola Silvermine b. 1934 d. 2011
Magers ext William Viola Walden b. 1934 1970 1971 d. 2011
Additional references

Letters attached to the Quartet’s IRS form 1065 for the years 1970 and 1971

Magg Fritz Cello Galimir b. 1914 d. 1997
Magg Fritz Cello Gordon b. 1914 1947 d. 1997
Magg Fritz Cello Berkshire [1948] b. 1914 1948 d. 1997
Mägila Levi-Daniel Cello Tallinn    
Magnière Blaise Violin I Avalon    
Magnusson Suzanne Viola Margand    
Maguire Hugh Violin I Allegri b. 1927 1968 1976 d. 2013
Magyar Gábor D
Cello Hungarian b. 1914 1956 1972 d. 2011
Mahan Balkin Laura Violin II Tremont    
Mahlke Hans Viola Havemann    
Mahrenholz D
Stella Viola Basel [1996]    
Maile ext Joseph Violin I/II Friction    
Problems, questions

Position to be confirmed

Maile Joseph Violin I/II Telegraph    
Maisonhaute Antoine Violin I Tana   2004  
Maisonhaute Jeanne Cello Tana   2010  
Majewski Virginia Viola American Art b. 1907 ca. d. 1995