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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Clohessy Myee Violin II Acacia Ensemble    
Duwe Stefan Viola Acacia Ensemble    
Martin-Scrase Anna Cello Acacia Ensemble    
Stewart Lisa Violin I Acacia Ensemble    
Beková Andrea Violin I Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)    
Pfeiffer Petr Cello Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)    
Smola Oldřich Viola Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)    
Vacek Václav Violin II Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)    
Bédard Marie Violin II Accordes    
Fujino Carol Violin II Accordes    
Hetherington David Cello Accordes    
Imajishi Fujiko Violin I Accordes   1975 ca.  
Perry Douglas Viola Accordes    
Kasprian Raphael Violin II Acies    
Plessl Manfred Viola Acies    
Schellnegger Simon Viola Acies    
Wiesflecker Thomas Cello Acies    
Ziervogel Benjamin Violin I Acies b. 1983  
[Unknown] [Unknown] Violin I Actuels    
Belden David Violin II Ad hoc