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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
ReDo U

D (Re) up to C (Do), a minor 7th

Latvia 2006
  M T R R
Reinhold U

Dietrich Reinhold (b. 1962), founding 1st violinist (presumably)

Germany 1996
  M T R

Ernst Reist, founding 1st violinist

Switzerland 1959
198u? M R
Revelation Ensemble  
  M R

Reynolda House, Winston-Salem NC USA

USA 2019
  M T R
Rīga U

City of origin

Latvia 1983
  M R R
Rio de Janeiro National University School of Music  
  M R
River Oaks Chamber Orchestra U

Organization of origin

USA 2005?
  M R
Romanian Radio

Organization of origin

  M R
  M R
Rosamonde U  
France 1981
  M R R
Rosamunde U

Music by Franz Schubert

Germany 1992
2009 M T R R
Rosé H

Arnold Rosé (1863–1946), founding 1st violinist

Austria 1882
England 1939
1945 M T R
Rossetti Ensemble U       M R
Róth H

Ferenc Róth (1899–1969), founding 1st violinist

Hungary 1922
USA 1937 ca.
1969 M R R

Fritz Rothschild, founding 1st violinist

Austria 1927 ca.
  M R
Royal U  
Poland 1998
  M R
Royal College of Music Junior Department

Oragnization of origin

  M R
Royal Manchester College of Music

School of origin

  M T R
Royal Theatre of the Mint

Organization of origin

  M R