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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Steude U

Volkhard Steude (b. 1971), founding 1st violinist (presumably)

Austria 2002
  M R
Stockholm [1928] H

City of origin

Sweden 1928
1950 ca. M T
Stockholm [1976] H

City of origin

Sweden 1976
  M T
Stony Brook  
  M R
Stradivari       M R
Stradivarius [1918 ca.]  
Russia 1918 ca.
  M R
Stradivarius [1929 ca.]  
USA 1929 ca.
  M R R

George Stratton, founding 1st violinist

England 192u
194u M R
Stringart H  
  M T
Stuyvesant H

Telephone exchange in New York City; Peter Stuyvesant (d. 1672), a Dutch colonial governor

USA 1938
1954 M R
Suk A

Josef Suk (1874–1935), composer

Czechoslovakia 1968?
  M R R
Summer Session H

Black Mountain College, North Carolina

USA 1950
195u M T R
Canada 1998
  M R

Karl Suske (b. 1934), founding 1st violinist

Germany (Democratic Republic) 1965?
  M R
Swiss Chamber Concerts U H

Country of origin

Switzerland 1999
  M R
Sydney H

City of origin

Australia 1965 ca.
  M R R
Sydney Omega Ensemble U  
Australia 2005
  M R
Symphonia H  
USA 1953
1966 M R
Synapse Ensemble  
Canada 2001 ca.
  M R
Takács U H

Gábor Takács-Nagy (b. 1956), founding 1st violinist

Hungary 1975
USA 1986
  M T R R