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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  

Locations in the San Francisco Bay area and common meanings of the word

USA 2013
  M R R
Tempera U

Paint; temperament

Finland 1997
  M T R R
Tesla U

Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), engineer and inventor

USA 2008
  M T R R
Testore [19uu] H  
Ireland 19uu
  M R
Testore [2013?] U

17th- and 18th-century family of luthiers

Austria 2013?

Tetrás (Τετράς), by Iannis Xenakis

USA 2005
2007 M R R
Tetzlaff U

Christian Tetzlaff, founding 1st violinist; Tanja Tetzlaff, founding cellist

Germany (Federal Republic) 1994
  M R
  M R R
Third Angle New Music Ensemble U  
USA 1985
  M R
This Side Up H  
USA 2013
  M R
Thomas Christian Ensemble

Thomas Christian (b. 1951), founder

  M R
  M R R
Thymos U

Θῡμός (Thūmós), a Greek word for spirit

France 2003
  M R R

Michael Tippett (1905–98), composer

England 1998
  M R R
Tōkyō U H

City of original players’ origin

USA 1969
2013 M T R R
Ton Beau U

Le ton beau de Marot, by Douglas Hofstadter, and French word plays

Canada 2010
  M T R R
Touche H

Firmin Touche, founding 1st violinist

  M R
Transfigured Night  
Canada 19uu
  M R

Tremont Street in Boston MA, USA, near the New England Conservatory

USA 1977?
  M R R
Tver' Philharmonic A
Тверской академической областной филармонии
Kalinin Philharmonic
Калининской (академической) областной филармонии

City of origin (formerly also Kalinin)

Russia 1936
  M R