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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Csillag Hermann Violin I [Unnamed] (CTSS)    
Cuckson Miranda Violin I/II Momenta    
Cuddeford James Violin II Australian   1998 2006  
Cuddeford James Violin II Grainger [2006]   2006 2009  
Culbreath Edward Cello Vághy   1965 1969?  
Culp Jennifer Cello Kronos   1999 2005  
Cummings Diana Violin I English [1982]    
Cummings Julian Violin II Edinburgh   1959 1965  
Cummings Keith Viola Blech    
Cummings Keith Viola New London    
Cunha Luís Pacheco Violin I Lopes-Graça    
Čurby Harry Violin I Dékány    
Čurby Harry Violin I Sydney b. 1933 1974 1980  
Curlett Patrick Violin II Fejes    
Currie-Roberts Meran Cello [Unnamed] (YNBC)    
Currie-Roberts Meran Cello Madawaska   2001 2004  
Curtis David Viola Coull    
Curtiss Sidney Viola New Philadelphia b. 1931  
Curtiss Sidney Viola Philarte    
Custodio Sabas Laura Violin II Engegård   2022