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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Davisson Walther Violin II Rebner    
Dawes Andrew Violin I Orford b. 1940 1965 1991  
Dawes Andrew Violin I Tōkyō b. 1940 1995 1996  
Dawkins Patrick Violin I Grove   2008 2010  
Dawkins Patrick Violin II Ligeti b. 1987 2010  
Dawson David Viola Coolidge [19uu]    
Dawson David Viola Philharmonic-Symphony Society (New York)    
Dawson David Viola Gordon   1946 1947  
Dawson David Viola Berkshire [1948] b. 1913 1948 d. 1975
Dawson Hannah Violin II Sacconi   2001  
Dayan Sarah Violin I Voce   2004 200u  
Dayan Sarah Violin I/II Voce   200u  
Dazarte Gerda Violin II ReDo   2006  
de Braga e Alves Ana Teresa Viola Behn    
de Carné F. Cello Capelle    
de Clerck Paul Viola Royal Theatre of the Mint    
de Groot Frank Violin II Dufy    
de Groot Frank Violin I Doelen   1993  
de Groote Philip Cello Chilingirian b. 1949 1971 2013 d. 2018
de Groote Pierre Violin II Gertler