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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Dechert Karl Cello Bruinier b. 1906  
Decleire Guy Viola Brussels    
Decoin Julien Cello Leonis    
Decoin Julien Cello Voce   2005  
Dedreuil Luc Cello Béla    
Degen Johannes Cello Amati [1981]    
Dehning Martin Violin I Nomos    
Dejean Jacques Violin I Lespine b. 1919 d. 2013
Dekan Anna Viola Adamas b. 1983 2003  
Dékány Béla Violin I Dékány b. 1928 1968  
Del Mar Escarabajal Maria Violin I [Unnamed] (DKVW)    
Delgrange Félix Cello [Unnamed] (AMJD)    
Delgrange Félix Cello [Unnamed] (MSSD)    
DeLuca Kay Viola Lexington    
deMaine Robert Cello Ehnes   2010  
Dembeck John Viola Parlow b. 1914 1941 1945 d. 1993
Dembow Brian Viola New York [19uu]    
Dembow Brian Viola Sequoia    
Dembow Brian Viola Angeles   1987 2001  
Demertzis George Violin I [Unnamed] (DSML)