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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Denman Mark Violin II Flesch    
Denton Emma Cello Carducci    
Denton Matthew Violin I Carducci    
Deprecq Vincent Viola Debussy   1990  
Derolez Béatrice Viola Gaggini   1989  
DeRonde Marion Cello Smith College    
DeRonde Marion Cello Northampton   1937?  
Dervieux Alphonse Viola Leonis    
Desbruslais Julia Cello Fairfield    
Desert Maxime Viola Tana   2010 2019  
Desjardins Christophe Viola Royal Theatre of the Mint    
Desoer Rachel Cello Lloyd Carr-Harris    
Desoer Rachel Cello Cecilia   2010 2017  
Despax Cendrine Violin I Despax    
Despax Jean Violin II Despax    
Despax Maxime Viola Despax    
Despax Maxime Viola [Unnamed] (FTDG)    
Despax Valérie Cello Despax    
Desprez Elise Violin II Macnaghten    
Destrubé Marc Violin I Purcell b. 1955 1987 1991