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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Duckles Lee Cello University of Illinois Composition    
Duda-Krane Justyna Violin I Dafô    
Dudzik Matthew Cello Apollo Chamber Players    
Duesberg Herbert Viola Kolisch   1922 192u  
Dufallo Cornelius Violin II Flux    
Dufallo Cornelius Violin I Secret    
Dufallo Cornelius Violin II [Unnamed] (BDAH)    
Dufallo Cornelius Violin I/II Ethel   2005 2012  
Duindam Chris Violin II Huygens b. 1963  
Duke-Kirkpatrick Erika Cello New Century Players    
Dumanowska Aneta Viola Dafô    
Dumitru Răsvan Violin II Arcadia    
Dungel Karin Viola Berwald    
Dunham James Viola Sequoia    
Dunham James Viola Cleveland   1987 1995  
Dupouy Jean Viola Composers    
Dupouy Jean Viola New York [19uu]    
Dupuy Manuelle Violin II Margand    
Durbecq Alain Cello Carlos Chávez    
Durholm ext Mogens Violin II Copenhagen [1957]   1974 1994  
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