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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Ho Grace D
Cello Ulysses   2015  
Hoàng Linh Chi Violin I Havana    
Höbarth Erich Violin I Végh b. 1956 1978 1980  
Høeberg Ernst Cello Høeberg    
Høeberg Ernst Cello [Unnamed] (HSSH3)    
Hoebig Desmond Cello Csaba    
Hoebig Desmond Cello Orford b. 1961 1988 1991  
Hoebig Gwen Violin I [Unnamed] (HSSH2)    
Hoebig Gwen Violin I [Unnamed] (HSSM)    
Höcker Karla Viola Bruinier b. 1901 d. 1992
Hoefs Lars Cello California [2000]    
Hoener Clayton Violin I Boston Composers    
Hofer Thomas Violin II Pellegrini    
Hoffman Dorotea Vismura Viola Leonore    
Hoffmann Karel Violin I Czech    
Hogg James Meyer Viola Fred Sherry    
Hohorst Claudia Violin II Mannheim    
Hohti Anna Violin II Avanti!    
Hohti Markus Cello Uusinta    
Hokema Onno Cello Hába (1984)