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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Hudson Benjamin Violin I Group for Contemporary Music    
Hudson Eugene Viola Solway    
Huebner Gregor Violin II Sirius b. 1967  
Hüls Monika Viola Joachim    
Huisingh Tijmen Violin I Edinburgh b. 1979 2018  
Huizenga Denise Violin II Third Angle New Music Ensemble    
Hůla Pavel Violin I Kocian b. 1952 1975 2010  
Hůla Pavel Violin I Pražák   2010 2015 ca.  
Hulscher Adrianna Violin II St. Helens    
Hult David Viola Tremont    
Hultgren Craig Cello Amion    
Humeston Jay Cello Florida    
Huml Václav Violin I Zagreb b. 1880 1919 d. 1953
Hummel Bertold Cello [Unnamed] (WKMH) b. 1925 d. 2002
Hummel Florian Viola Seraphim    
Hummel Margret Violin I Seraphim    
Hummer Reinhold Cello Rosé   1884 1901 ca.  
Humphreys Sidney Violin I Purcell b. 1926 1979 1987  
Humphreys Sydney Violin I Aeolian b. 1926  
Humphries Ian Violin I Smith