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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Hultgren Craig Cello Amion    
Humeston Jay Cello Florida    
Huml Václav Violin I Zagreb b. 1880 1919 d. 1953
Hummel Bertold Cello [Unnamed] (WKMH) b. 1925 d. 2002
Hummel Florian Viola Seraphim    
Hummel Margret Violin I Seraphim    
Hummer Reinhold Cello Rosé   1884 1901 ca.  
Humphreys Sidney Violin I Purcell b. 1926 1979 1987  
Humphreys Sydney Violin I Aeolian b. 1926  
Humphries Ian Violin I Smith    
Hunger Hermann Otto Viola Gewandhaus b. 1813 1841 1846 d. 1866
Hunt Rosanne Cello Astra Chamber Music Society    
Hunter Vashti Mimosa Cello Kelemen   2021  
Hurníková Simona Violin II Kaprálová    
Hurstinen Sulo Violin II [Unnamed] (NHLP)    
Hurwitz Emanuel Violin I Aeolian b. 1919 d. 2006
Hurwitz Emanuel Violin I Philharmonia b. 1919 d. 2006
Hurwitz Emanuel Violin I Hurwitz b. 1919 1946 1949? d. 2006
Hussey Stephen Violin II McCapra    
Hutschenreuter Otto Cello [Unnamed] (HSSH1)