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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Hong Brian Viola Aizuri   2023  
Honigberg Steven Cello Potomac    
Honigberg Steven Cello [Unnamed] (LCBH)    
Honnens Pierre René Cello Danish [1950 ca.]    
Hood ext Florence Violin II McGill   1944 1945?  
Additional references

Ottawa Citizen, 1945-02-09 [2012-09-01]

Hood Joanna Viola Lafayette   1985 2023  
Hood Joanna Viola [Unnamed] (MSHB)   1994 1994  
Hoogeveen Ronald Violin I Raphael    
Hooker Yuri Cello [Unnamed] (HSSH2)    
Hooley Ann Violin I Archæus    
Hoover Marina Cello St. Lawrence b. 1964 1989 2002  
Hope-Simpson Robert Viola Amici    
Hopkins ext Donald Violin II Alard    
Problems, questions

Also played 1st violin, years unknown

Hoppe Esther Violin II Basel [1996] b. 1978 1996 1998  
Horácio Schaeffer Viola Amazônia    
Höricht Andreas Viola Modern   1983  
Horn Ulrich Cello Ensemble Merian    
Horne Ashley Violin I/II Son Sonora    
Horner Jerry Viola Vermeer b. 1935 1980 ca. d. 2019
Horner Jerry Viola Fine Arts b. 1935 1980 2000 d. 2019