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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Jackson Laurence Violin I Maggini   1994 2006  
Jackson Martyn Violin II Rossetti Ensemble    
Jackson Martyn Violin I Allegri   2016  
Jacob Joseph Cello Ysaÿe [1886]    
Jacobs Evelyn Viola Amado    
Jacobs Robert Cello Hudson    
Jacobsen ext Colin Violin II Brooklyn Rider b. 1978 2005  
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Jacobsen Eric Cello Brooklyn Rider   2005 2016  
Jacobsen Volker Viola Artemis b. 1970 1989 2007  
Jacobson Benjamin Violin I Calder    
Jacobson Pam Viola California [2000]    
Jacobson Peter Cello Southwest Chamber Music    
Jacunskas Povilas Cello Art Vio    
Jaermann Marc Cello Sine Nomine    
Jaffe Charles Violin II Curtis   193u  
Jaffé Claudio Cello Delray    
Jaffe Jill Viola Crescent    
Jaffé Marcelo Viola City of São Paulo    
Jahodová Světlana Viola Kaprálová    
Jakaitis Girdutis Viola Vilnius   1996