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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Jelinek Jerome Cello Stanley b. 1930 ca. 1961 1973  
Jenkins Christopher Viola Catalyst   2010 2013  
Jenkinson Katherine Cello Allegri b. 1980 2009 2011  
Jenkinson Richard Cello Dante   2012  
Jenn Jürg Violin II Zürich    
Jennifer Snyder Kozoroz Viola Harrington   2007 2009  
Jennings Andrew Violin II Concord   1987  
Jennings Graeme Violin II Arditti b. 1968 1994 2005  
Jensen Clarice Cello American Contemporary Music Ensemble    
Jensen Erik Søndergaard Violin II Marselis b. 1956  
Jensen Jørgen Cello Danish [1950 ca.]   1950 ca.  
Jensen Magnus Cello Gimpel    
Jensen Marie Louise Broholt Viola Nightingale b. 1986  
Jensen Susan Violin II Esterházy    
Jensen-Jennings ext Laura Violin II Florida    
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Jenson Kirsten Cello Ragazze   2014 2016  
Jeppesen Nils Sylvest Cello Danish [1986]    
Jepson Christopher Cello Amar [1987]   2012  
Jetter Holger Violin II Modern   1983 1989  
Jewell Ian Viola Gabrieli b. 1944 1966?