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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Rejtő Gábor Cello [Unnamed] (KCTR) b. 1916 d. 1987
Rejtő Gábor Cello [Unnamed] (SRSR) b. 1916 d. 1987
Remeš Václav Violin I Pražák   1972 2010  
Rémy Thérèse Violin II Margand    
Renaud Lionel Violin II McGill   1945? 1949?  
Renck Wilhelm Cello [Unnamed] (CSWR)    
Renczés Balázs Cello Fejes b. 1994  
Renshaw Sophie Viola Orford b. 1965 1987 1991  
Rensvik Anders Viola [Unnamed] (NYRM)    
Rényi Albert Violin II Tátrai    
Renzelman Brek Viola Kepler   2002  
Repp Mayumi Violin I/II Amion    
Repp Reinhard Cello Vienna   1964  
Resnick Emi Ohi Violin II Ruysdael   2007 2010  
Resnick Emi Ohi Violin I/II Ruysdael   2010  
Resnikoff Vladimir Violin I Kilbourn    
Retchford Cameron Cello Australian   1996 1996  
Révész László Viola Gertler    
Reyes Ángel Violin I Stanley b. 1919 1966 1968 d. 1988
Reynolds Michael Cello Muir   1979