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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Shave Jacqueline Violin I [Unnamed] (SDDD)    
Shaw Camden Cello Dover    
Shaw Caroline Violin II [Unnamed] (TSCR)    
Shaw Clyde Cello [Unnamed] (PFLS) b. 1948  
Shaw Clyde D
Cello Audubon b. 1948 1974 2011  
Shaw Jeremiah Cello Telegraph    
Shea Brendan Violin II Euclid   2016  
Shea D’Arcy Violin II McGill   1949  
Shebalin D
Dmitriy D
Viola Borodin b. 1930 1953 1996 d. 2013
Shelepov D
Anton D
Violin I Krasnïy b. 1977  
Shelepov Anton Violin II Montclaire    
Shelley Lydia Cello Voce   2013  
Shenton James Violin II Bălănescu    
Sher Richard Cello Vermeer   1969  
Sher D
Veniamin D
Violin I Auer [1929] b. 1900 d. 1962
Sherba Charles Violin I Charleston    
Sherba Consuelo Viola Charleston    
Sherba John Violin II Kronos b. 1954 1978  
Sherbakov Alla Violin II Long Island    
Sherling Irina Violin II Braude