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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Pettys Delmar Violin II Lenox [1957]    
Pfaender Matthias Cello Suske    
Pfeiffer Petr Cello Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)    
Pfeiffer Sabine Cello Nomos    
Pfiz Konstantin Cello Engegård   2011 2012  
Phelps Melissa Cello Camilli    
Philippi Kyra Viola [Unnamed] (KDPD)    
Philips Davor Violin II Zagreb b. 1977 2001  
Philips Hrvoje Viola Zagreb b. 1977 2005  
Phillips Bert Cello Philarte    
Phillips Daniel Violin I/II Orion    
Phillips John Violin II Fitzwilliam b. 1950 1968 1974  
Phillips Todd Violin I/II Orion    
Phòng ext Siêu Mạnh Violin I Rangzen    
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Picard Éric Cello La meije    
Pichler Günter Violin I Alban Berg b. 1940 1970 2008  
Pickering Susan Cello Petra    
Pidoux Roland Cello Via nova b. 1946  
Piedicuta Emilian Violin II Orpheus   1987 200u  
Pierotti Susan Violin II [Unnamed] (SPVK)