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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
New Boston

City of origin, presumably

  M R
New Budapest

City of origin; originally Budapest Quartet

Hungary 1971?
  M R
New Century Players  
  M R
New England

Organization (presumably) and location of origin

  M R
New Fromm Players

Paul Fromm (1906–87), music patron, and the Fromm Foundation

    M R
New Hellenic H

Country of origin

Greece 1991
  M T R
New Helsinki U

City of origin

Finland 1982
  M R R
New Hollywood

Original Hollywood Quartet

USA 2000 ca.
  M R
New Hungarian

Background of three of the players, the violist continuing in this quartet from the Hungarian Quartet

USA 1972?
  M R
New Israel

Country of origin

  M R R
New London H  
  M R
New Music


USA 1947 ca.
1956 M R R
New Music Studio (Moscow)       M R
New Orford U

Location of origin; the original Orford Quartet

Canada 2009
  M T R R
New Philadelphia

City of origin and orchestra

USA 1981
  M R
New World [192u?]  
USA 192u?
  M R
New World [1977] H  
USA 1977
1993 M R R
New World [uuuu]  
England uuuu
  M R
New York Philharmonic-Symphony

Organization of origin

  M R
New York [1919] H

City of the Quartet’s patrons (Ralph and Frederica Pulitzer), presumably

USA 1919
  M R