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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Fleischmann Richard Viola Delray    
Fleisig Calman D
Viola Forum b. 1909 ca. d. 1990
Fleming Luke Viola Attacca   2009 2015  
Fleming Michelle Violin II Carducci    
Fliegel Raphael Violin II Shepherd b. 1918 1975 1982? d. 2005
Floreani Nebojša Viola Sebastian    
Florey Wolfgang Cello [Unnamed] (NHHF)    
Flory Isabelle Violin I Arpeggione b. 1951? 1988  
Flügel Gertrud Violin I Basel Chamber Orchestra    
Flügel Gertrud Viola Bentz   1925 ca. 1925?  
Fodoreanu Dorel Cello Enesco   1979  
Foidart Charles Viola Paganini    
Fong Stephanie Violin II Kailas    
Fong Stephanie Viola Alianza   2008 2011  
Fontes Carlos Violin I Porto Musical Workshop    
Forbes Lydia Violin II Zephyr   200u  
Forbes Lydia Violin II DaPonte   2005  
Forbes Watson Viola Aeolian b. 1909 d. 1997
Forbes Watson Viola Stratton b. 1909 d. 1997
Forck Stephan Cello Vogler   1985