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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Ellisor ext Conni Violin I Colorado   1978 1978  
Additional references

Communication from Conni Ellisor, 2012-12-07 et seq., and Rachel Evans, 2013-03-05

Elmaloglou Gregory Cello Austral    
Elmsly Anthony Cello Schola musica    
Elowitch Jennifer Violin II Wellesley Composers Conference    
Elvkull Hans Violin II Wirén   1994  
Elvkull Linn Viola Wirén   1994  
Emekli Demet Violin II Anatolian    
Emelianoff André Cello Columbia    
Ender Jörn-Uwe Viola Leonardo    
Enderle Matthias Violin I Carmina   1984  
Enders Isang Cello Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden    
Endres Heinz Violin I Endres    
Engbom Percy Viola Arco    
Engegård Arvid Violin I Engegård b. 1963 2004  
Engegård Arvid Violin I Orlando b. 1963 1991  
Enikeev Zakaria Viola Amion    
Enríquez Salazar Manuel Violin II México b. 1926 1967 ca. d. 1994
Enthoven Elisabeth D
Viola Bentz   1925?  
Epperson Bryan Cello ARC Ensemble    
Eppinoff J. Cello [Unnamed] (SHCE)