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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Forsberg D
Ewa Cello Gotland   2002  
Forsey Charlotte Cello Kerem   200u  
Forster Heinrich Viola Bern    
Forte Roberto Violin I I solisti di Torino    
Fortin Vladimír Cello Zemlinsky    
Forzanti Lionello Viola Italiano b. 1914 1945 1947 d. 2009
Foster Alan Violin I Amabile    
Foster Hilary Violin II Hansa    
Foster Kim Viola [Unnamed] (KCFE)    
Fotino Ion Cello Romanian Radio    
Fournelle-Blain Victor Violin I [Unnamed] (FTDG)    
Fournier Pierre Cello Krettly b. 1906 d. 1986
Francavilla Nadia Violin II Arthur LeBlanc    
Francavilla Nadia Violin I/II Bozzini   2002 2010?  
Francis D
Anne Cello Fry Street   2000?  
Francis Giles Violin II Dante    
Franck Pierre Viola Ravel   1998 ca.  
Frank Christine Violin II Southwest Chamber Music    
Frank Maurits Cello Rebner b. 1892 1920 d. 1959
Frank Maurits Cello Amar [1921] b. 1892 1922 1924 d. 1959