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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Filippenko D
Daria D
Viola [Unnamed] (ZGFS) b. 1983  
Filner David Viola Amion    
Filner Ethan Viola Cypress   2001 2016  
Finckel Chris Cello Manhattan [1968]   1992  
Finckel Christopher Cello Atlantic    
Finckel Christopher Cello Contemporary    
Finckel Christopher Cello [Unnamed] (MZMF)    
Finckel David Cello Emerson b. 1951 1979 2013  
Finckel George Cello Stradivarius [1929 ca.]    
Finckel Michael Cello Wellesley Composers Conference    
Finke E. Cello [Unnamed] (ZWDF)    
Finkel Lois Violin II Charleston    
Finnemore Clare Viola Juno    
Finnström Gösta Viola Ivan Ericson b. 1912  
Fiorato Hugo Violin II WQXR   1947?  
Firdman Robert Violin II Carpe Diem   2006 2007  
Fischer Martin Viola [Unnamed] (CCFC)    
Fischer Norman Cello Concord   1987  
Fischer Paul Violin II Rosé   1905  
Fischer Rebecca Violin I Chiara   2018