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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Fred Mina Luka Cello Messer    
Frederiksen Gunnar Viola Leo Hansen b. 1901  
Frederiksen Knud Viola Danish [1950 ca.]   1950 ca.  
Frederiksen Tim Violin I Danish [1986]   1986  
Fredriksson Eino Viola [Unnamed] (KVFF)    
Fredriksson Lennart Violin I Berwald    
Fredriksson Onni Cello [Unnamed] (KVFF)    
Freed Kenneth Violin II Manhattan [1968]   1993 1995  
Freier Susan Violin II Chester    
Freier Susan Violin II Ives    
Freier Susan Violin II Stanford [1984]   1989  
Freiman Petru Cello Arad Philharmonia    
Freivogel J Violin I Jasper   2006  
Freivogel Liz Viola Jupiter   2001  
Freivogel Megan Violin II Jupiter   2001  
Frère Florian Cello Voce b. 1987 2010 2013  
Fresk Lars Violin I Fresk b. 1942 1966  
Freudenthal Heinz Viola Gimpel    
Freudenthal Heinz Viola Norrköping   1956?  
Freund Karl Violin I Freund