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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Geschichter Samuel Cello [Unnamed] (BWGG)    
Geselbracht Charlotte Viola Pellegrini    
Gewirtz Sharon Violin I Atlantic [1987]   1987  
Gezentsvey D
Yuri D
Violin I Dominion b. 1952  
Ghent Amber Cello Madawaska   2007  
Ghestem Jacques Violin II Ensemble Intercontemporain    
Ghestem Jacques Violin II Parrenin    
Ghigo Frédéric Violin II Gertler    
Giannáki D
Angéla D
Viola New Hellenic   2007 2010  
Gibbon Susie Violin II New World [uuuu]    
Gibbs Robert Viola Flesch    
Giedraitis Ali Viola [Unnamed] (PKGF)    
Gieler Michael Violin II [Unnamed] (LGSS)    
Gigante Charles Violin II [Unnamed] (TGWR)    
Gilardeau Geneviève Violin II Windermere   2005  
Gilbert Antony Violin II Lansdowne    
Gilbert Gama Violin I Curtis   1932  
Gillam Marina Violin II Bingham    
Gillham David Violin II Arianna    
Gimpel Bronisław Violin I Gimpel