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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Fresk Lars Violin I Fresk b. 1942 1966  
Freudenthal Heinz Viola Gimpel    
Freudenthal Heinz Viola Norrköping   1956?  
Freund Karl Violin I Freund    
Frey-Maibach Léonard Cello Gewandhaus b. 1991 2014 2018  
Freywald Christiane Viola Aurora (Weimar)    
Fried Miriam Violin I Mendelssohn   2009  
Friedlander Erik Cello DeSade b. 1960  
Friedländer Ernst Cello Pro Arte b. 1906 1943 1955 d. 1966
Friedman Harry Violin II Dorian    
Friedman Harry Violin I Kreiner   1934 1934  
Frielinghaus Gustav Violin I Amaryllis    
Friisholm Jørgen Cello Erling Bloch b. 1921  
Friisholm Jørgen Cello Musica-Vitalis b. 1921  
Friisholm Lavard Violin II Erling Bloch b. 1912 1942? 1958 d. 1999
Friisholm Lavard Viola Erling Bloch b. 1912 1958 1967 d. 1999
Fromm Armin Cello Mannheim    
Fromme Randy Cello Del Sol    
Frucht Emma Violin I Aizuri   2019  
Fruh Karl Cello Fine Arts b. 1914 1942? d. 1999