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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Gural' D
R. Viola Lysenko    
Lia-Aragnouet Anne-Gabrielle Cello Amôn    
Bocek Mirosław Violin II Wieniawski    
Barbi A. Viola [Unnamed] (NDBC)    
Puter A. Violin I USSR Radio Council    
Semetskiy D
A. D
Violin I Moscow Philharmonic    
Sikhalov D
A. Violin II Lysenko    
Pergament D
A. S. Violin II Auer [1929]    
Johnsson Åke Violin II Ivan Ericson    
Salmela Aarno Viola Helsinki    
Barnden Aaron Violin II Astra Chamber Music Society    
Barnden Aaron Violin I Silo    
Berofsky Aaron Violin I Chester   1992?  
Boyd Aaron Violin I Fred Sherry    
Boyd Aaron Violin I Zukofsky    
Boyd Aaron Violin II Escher   2012  
Shapinski Aaron Cello Kohon    
Tubergen Aaron Viola Dakota    
Jørgensen Åsta Violin I Hansa    
Tomàs Realp Abel Violin I/II Casals b. 1980 1997