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Composers & compositions

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Duration in minutes: A 0–10 B 10–20 C 20–30 D 30–50 E 50–80 F 80–130 G 130+
Family name Given name Life dates Residence Began Notes  
Lajtha U László 1892–1963
Hungary 1892
Germany 1909
Switzerland 1910
France 1911
Hungary 1913
  M R
Laks ext Szymon A
Poland 1901
France 192u
Poland 1941?
France 1945
  M R
Additional references

University of Southern California archive [2011-03-21]

EDA 34 (CD)

Lam U A

Lan chee A
Hong Kong
  M P
Lancaster David       M P
Landowski Marcel 1915–1999
France 1915
  M P R
Lane Rob b. 19uu     M P
Langgaard U ext Rued A
Denmark 1893
  M R
Additional references

Nielsen 1991

Lansky U Paul b. 1944
USA 1944
  M P R
Lara U Felipe b. 1979
Brazil 1979
USA 1999?
  M P R
Larcher U Thomas b. 1963
Austria 1963
  M P R
Larsen U Libby b. 1950
USA 1950
  M P
Larsson Håkan 1959–2012
Sweden 1959
  M P
Larsson Lars-Erik 1908–1986
Sweden 1908
  M R
Lasoń Aleksander b. 1951
Poland 1951
  M P R
Lateef U Yusef 1920–2013
USA 1920

Known earlier as William Huddleston and Bill Evans

Lau U ext Kevin b. 1982
Hong Kong 1982
Canada 1989
  M P R
Additional references

Communication from Kevin Lau, 2012-07-17

Laurušas Vytautas b. 1930
Lithuania 1930
  M R
Lavidis Paris b. 2001
USA 2001
  M R
Lawson Dorothy  
Layton Billy Jim 1924–2004
USA 1924
Italy 195u
USA 195u
  M R