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Composers & compositions

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Duration in minutes: A 0–10 B 10–20 C 20–30 D 30–50 E 50–80 F 80–130 G 130+
Family name Given name Life dates Residence Began Notes  
Berger ext Wilhelm Georg 1929–1993
Romania 1929
  M R
Additional references

Popescu 1987

Bergman ext Erik 1911–2006
Russian Empire 1911
Germany 1937
Finland 1939
Germany 1942
Finland 1943

Born in the Grand Duchy of Finland

Problems, questions

Information is needed on the length of his stay in Switzerland in the mid-1950s.

Bergsma U ext William 1921–1994
USA 1921
  M R
Problems, questions

All dates to be verified. The website about the composer has no dates and little useful information.

Berinskiy A
Sergey A
USSR 1946
Russia 19uu

Born in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic

Berio U Luciano 1925–2003
Italy 1925
USA 1963
Italy 1972
  M P R
Berkeley U Lennox 1903–1989
England 1903
France 1926
England 193u
  M R
Bertram A
Aleksandr A
b. 1922
Canada 1922
USSR 1936

Music of Bertram Aronovich was published under the name Aleksandr Bertram.

Beste ext Ansgar b. 1981
Sweden 1981
  M P
Problems, questions

Further residences TBA

Beyer ext Johanna 1888–1944
Germany 1888
USA 1911
Germany 1914
USA 1923
  M R
Additional references

Kennedy, J. 1996; Beal 2011

Billone U Pierluigi 1960–
Italy 1960
  M P R
Binkerd ext Gordon 1916–2003
USA 1916
Additional references

Shackelford 1975

Bird Jennifer b. 19uu     M P
Biró U ext Dániel Péter b. 1969
USA 1969
Hungary 19uu
Germany 19uu
  M P
Problems, questions

Residences TBD

Birtwistle Harrison b. 1934
England 1934
  M P R
Bjarnason U ext Daníel b. 1979
Iceland 1979
  M P R
Problems, questions

Other residences TBA

Blacher ext Boris 1903–1975
China 1903
Russia 19uu
China 19uu
Germany 1922
  M R
Additional references

Henrich 2003

Blackwood Easley b. 1933
USA 1933
France 1954
USA 1957
  M P R
Bliss U Arthur 1891–1975
England 1891
USA 1923
England 1925
USA 1939?
England 1941
  M R
Blitzstein U Marc 1905–1964
USA 1905
  M R
Bloch U ext Ernest 1880–1959
Switzerland 1880
Belgium 1897
Germany 1900
France 1903
Switzerland 1904
USA 1916
  M P R
Additional references

Claude Torres