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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Betti ext Adolfo Violin I/II Flonzaley b. 1875 1903 1906 d. 1950
Additional references

University of Texas archive [2011-02-05]

Betti Adolfo Violin I Flonzaley b. 1875 1906 1929 d. 1950
Betts ext Katie Violin I/II Sydney Omega Ensemble    
Problems, questions

Instrumental part to be confirmed. Also plays viola.

Bevan Julie Cello Brigham Young University Faculty    
Bevan Louise Violin II Archæus    
Bex Robert Cello Aquitaine National    
Beyer Mario Violin II European    
Beyer-Karlshøj Mathias Cello Henschel   1994  
Beyerle Hatto Viola [Unnamed] (KSBR) b. 1933  
Beyerle Hatto Viola Alban Berg b. 1933 1970 1981  
Beyers Zoë Violin II Kerem   200u  
Beznosiuk Pavlo Violin I [Unnamed] (BRWT)    
Bialkin Maurice Cello Phoenix    
Biatowas John Viola West End    
Biava Luis Violin I Philarte b. 1934 d. 2019
Biederbick Margherita Violin II Athena   1999  
Bieler Ida Violin I Heine    
Bieler Ida Violin II Melos (Stuttgart)   1993 2005  
Bieler Ida Violin I Reynolda   2019  
Bigley Roger Viola Lindsay b. 1943 ca. 1966 1985 ca. d. 2013