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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Bernhart Roman Viola Eos (Vienna)   1993  
Bernsohn Lorin Cello [Unnamed] (RCIB)    
Berofsky Aaron Violin I Chester   1992?  
Beroukhim Cyrus Violin II Zukofsky    
Berres George Violin II New Art [1947 ca.]    
Berrette Jean-Michel Violin II Parisii   1981  
Berridge Cara Cello Sacconi   2001  
Berry Anne Cello West End    
Berry Jeremy Viola Calidore    
Bertóthy Barna D
Cello Márta Hidy   1950 1952?  
Bertovskis ext Ernestas Cello Lithuanian State Philharmonic b. 1924 1961 1962 d. 1996
Additional references

Mezakapi [2011-01-26]

Bertrand François Viola Alcan    
Bérubé ext Liana Violin I/II Cecilia   2004 2006  

Also played viola

Bessler Bernardo Violin I Bessler b. 1954  
Bessler Michel Violin II Bessler b. 1949  
Best Roger Viola Alberni b. 1936 1977 ca. d. 2013
Bethke Karolyn Violin II Hudson   2013  
Beths Gijs Violin II Hekster   1970 1972?  
Betti ext Adolfo Violin I/II Flonzaley b. 1875 1903 1906 d. 1950
Additional references

University of Texas archive [2011-02-05]

Betti Adolfo Violin I Flonzaley b. 1875 1906 1929 d. 1950