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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Bernsohn Lorin Cello [Unnamed] (RCIB)    
Berofsky Aaron Violin I Chester   1992?  
Beroukhim Cyrus Violin II Zukofsky    
Berres George Violin II New Art    
Berrette Jean-Michel Violin II Parisii   1981  
Berridge Cara Cello Sacconi   2001  
Berry Anne Cello West End    
Berry Jeremy Viola Calidore    
Bertóthy Barna D
Cello Márta Hidy   1950 1952?  
Bertovskis ext Ernestas Cello Lithuanian State Philharmonic b. 1924 1961 1962 d. 1996
Additional references

Mezakapi [2011-01-26]

Bertrand François Viola Alcan    
Bérubé ext Liana Violin I/II Cecilia   2004 2006  

Also played viola

Bessler Bernardo Violin I Bessler b. 1954  
Bessler Michel Violin II Bessler b. 1949  
Best Roger Viola Alberni b. 1936 1977 ca. d. 2013
Bethke Karolyn Violin II Hudson   2013  
Betti ext Adolfo Violin I/II Flonzaley b. 1875 1903 1906 d. 1950
Additional references

University of Texas archive [2011-02-05]

Betti Adolfo Violin I Flonzaley b. 1875 1906 1929 d. 1950
Betts ext Katie Violin I/II Sydney Omega Ensemble    
Problems, questions

Instrumental part to be confirmed. Also plays viola.

Bevan Julie Cello Brigham Young University Faculty