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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Biaisiello Aimee Viola Chicago Q Ensemble    
Biatowas John Viola West End    
Biava Luis Violin I Philarte b. 1934 d. 2019
Biederbick Margherita Violin II Athena   1999  
Bieler Ida Violin I Heine    
Bieler Ida Violin II Melos (Stuttgart)   1993 2005  
Bieler Ida Violin I Reynolda   2019  
Bigley Roger Viola Lindsay b. 1943 ca. 1966 1985 ca. d. 2013
Bihan Fabrice Cello Debussy   2010  
Bik Annette Violin I Klangforum Wien b. 1962  
Bik Annette Violin I [Unnamed] (BSIR)    
Bik Annette Violin II Hagen   1981 1987  
Bilotaitė Irena Viola Kaunas   2001 2003  
Bilotaitė Irena Viola Kaunas   2004 2004  
Bingham Stephen Violin I Bingham    
Birks ext Ronald Violin II Lindsay b. 1945 1972 2005 d. 2020
Additional references

Communication from Michael Adamson, 2013-02-14

Birks Ronald Violin II Chilingirian b. 1945 2009 d. 2020
Bisgaard Folmer Cello Carl Nielsen    
Bişoc Bogdan Viola Ad libitum    
Biss Clara Violin II Tavec