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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Clayton Ariel Violin I [Unnamed] (CBBH)    
Clément Hélène Viola Doric    
Clench Nora Violin I [Unnamed] (CSGE) b. 1867 d. 1938
Cleveland Dennis Violin I Audubon b. 1946 1976 1982 d. 1991
Clohessy Myee Violin II Acacia Ensemble    
Co Wei Shu Violin II [Unnamed] (HCDC)    
Coates Eric Viola Hambourg b. 1886 1908 d. 1957
Coates Oliver Cello Montague    
Cobenzl D
Marija Violin II Zagreb b. 1950 1977 1987  
Cocchiara Laurence Violin II Ascanio    
Coen Massimo Violin II Nuova musica    
Coetzee Petrus Viola Daphnis    
Coeytaux Amaury Violin I Modigliani   2016  
Coghill Doug Viola Huon    
Cohen Hadar Violin II Carmel   2005?  
Cohen Isidore Violin II LaSalle b. 1922 1948 1948 d. 2005
Cohen Isidore Violin II Juilliard b. 1922 1958 1966 d. 2005
Cohen John Violin II Parrenin    
Cohen Jonathan Cello Fitzwilliam   2000 2001  
Cohen ext Robert Cello Fine Arts   2012 2018  

He went on tours as the quartet’s cellist in 2011 and joined as a member in 2012.