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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Flinders U H

Flinders Street train station, Melbourne

Australia 2000
  M T R R

2013: guest violinists with Helen Ayres until Shane Chen joined; also in 2018 until Thibaud Pavlović-Hobba joined, and in 2023 until Elizabeth Sellars joined

Additional references

Communication from the Quartet, 2013-12-31 et seq.

ext Given name Family name   Start Stop    
VIOLIN I   Erica Kennedy   2000 2012    
  Shane Chen   2015 2017    
  Thibaud Pavlović-Hobba   2019 2023    
  Elizabeth Sellars   2024    
VIOLIN I/II   Helen Ayres   2013 2015    
  Shane Chen   2013 2015    
VIOLIN II   Matthew Tomkins   2000 2012    
  Nicholas Waters   2015 2019    
  Wilma Smith b. 1956 2019    
VIOLA   Helen Ireland   2000    
CELLO   Zoë Knighton   2000    
Additional references