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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Germany 200u
  M R
Aurora (Weimar)  
Germany (Democratic Republic)  
Aurora [1979]  
USA 1979
  M R
Auryn U

The magic amulet in The Neverending Story (Die unendliche Geschichte), by Michael Ende

Germany (Federal Republic) 1981
2021 M T R
Austral H  
Australia 1958
197u M R R
Australian U

Country of origin

Australia 1985
  M T R R
Avalon U H

Island of the legend of King Arthur

USA 1995
  M R R
Avanti! H

Ensemble of origin (Avanti! Chamber Orchestra)

Finland 1983
  M R R
Aviv U A
Israel 1997
  M R
Badke       M R
Bălănescu U

Alexander Bălănescu (b. 1954), founding 1st violinist

England 1987
  M R R

Charles Barkel (1898–1973), founding 1st violinist

Sweden 1928
Bartók H

Béla Bartók (1881–1945), composer

Hungary 1957
  M T R
Basel Chamber Orchestra H

Organization of origin

  M R
Basel [1996] U

City of origin

Switzerland 1996
  M R R

Hans Bastiaan (b. 1911), founding 1st violinist ?

    M R
Beaux Arts

Principles/mandate ?

USA 1955
  M R R
Beethoven [1923] A
Имени Бетховена

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827), composer

Russia 1923
1989 M T R R
Beethoven [2006]

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827), composer

Germany 2006
Switzerland 20uu
  M R
Behn U

Aphra Behn (1640–89), writer

England 2015
  M R R