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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Alea III Ensemble  
USA 1978
  M R
Alex Lindsay

Alex Lindsay (1919–74), founding 1st violinist

New Zealand 19uu
  M R
Alexander U

Alexander Walsh-Wilson, founding cellist

USA 1981
  M R R
Alexander Rukin

Alexander Rukin (b. 1945), educator and violinist, possibly founding 1st violinist

    M R
Alianza H

Spanish for alliance, referring to the four founders’ origins in different countries

USA 2004
2011 M T R R
All-Union Radio  
  M R
Allegri U H

Gregorio Allegri (1582–1652), composer

Great Britain 1953
  M T R R
Alma U  
Netherlands 2014
  M R
New Zealand  
  M R
Amadeo Roldán

Amadeo Roldán (1900–39), composer and violinist (presumably) 

Cuba 2002
Great Britain 1947
1987 M T R R

Carol Stein Amado (1935–97), founding 1st violinist

  M R
Amar Corde  
Poland 1984
  M R
Amar [1921] A

Licco Amar (1891–1959), founding 1st violinist

Germany 1921
1933 M T R R
Amar [1987] U

Amar Quartet [1921]; Paul Hindemith (1895–1963), composer and violist

Switzerland 1987
  M R
Amaryllis U  
Switzerland uuuu
Germany 2uuu
  M R
Amaryllis [1991]  
USA 1991
2000? M R R
Amati [1966]  
Netherlands 1966
  M R
Amati [1981]

Presumably the family that made the instruments played by the quartet

Switzerland 1981
  M R R
Amati [19uu]  
  M R