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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Béla U  
France 2003
  M R
Belcea U

Corina Belcea (b. 1975), founding 1st violinist

Great Britain 1994
  M T R R

Country of origin, presumably

  M R
Bellosio       M R
Bennewitz U A

Antonín Bennewitz (1833–1926), violinist and teacher

Czechia 1998
  M R

Ulrich Benthien, founding 1st violinist (presumably)

Germany (Federal Republic)  
198u M R

Beatrice Bentz, founding 1st violinist

Germany 1925 ca.
  M T R

Zara Benyounes, founding 1st violinist

England 2007
  M T R R
Beo U  
USA 2015
  M R
Berganza H  
Germany 2003
  M R
Bergonzi U

Carlo Bergonzi (1683–1747), luthier

USA 1992
  M R R
Berkshire [1948]

Location of summer residence

USA 1948
  M T R
Berlin Comic Opera A
Streichquartett der komischen Oper Berlin
      M R R
Bern A

City of origin

Switzerland 1971 ca.
  M R R

Jean-Claude Bernède (1935–91), founding 1st violinist

France 1963
1991 M T R

Presumably Franz Berwald (1796–1868), composer

    M R
Bessler H

Founding members Bernardo Bessler (b. 1954), 1st violinist, and Michel Bessler (b. 1949), 2nd violinist

Brazil 1977?
  M R

Three founding members

Brazil 1977?
  M T

Luis Biava (b. 1934), violinist and conductor

USA 1998
  M R

Stephen Bingham, founding 1st violinist

Great Britain 1985
  M R R