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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Fine Arts U H


USA 1939
  M T R R
Finlandia H  
Finland 1969
  M R R

Rudolf Fitzner (1868–1934), founding 1st violinist

Austria 1894
1929 M R
Fitzwilliam U H

Fitzwilliam College

England 1968
  M T R R
Flesch       M R
Flinders U H

Flinders Street train station, Melbourne

Australia 2000
  M T R R
Flonzaley H

The Swiss villa of Edward de Coppet (1855–1916), the quartet’s patron

USA 1903
1929 M T R R

State of origin

USA 1967
  M R
Florida State University School of Music

School of origin

  M R
Flux U

Art movement Fluxus

USA 1996
  M R R
Formalist U  
USA 2006
  M R
Forte U A
Bulgaria 1990
Forum A
Composers’ Forum
USA 193u
  M R
Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival

Concert series of origin (in Greenvile, North Carolina, USA)

  M R

City of origin (San Francisco)

    M R
  M R
Franz Schubert (Vienna)

Franz Schubert (1797–1828), composer

Austria 1974
1996 M R R
Fred Sherry

Fred Sherry (b. 1948), founding cellist

USA 2002
  M R
Fresk H

Lars Fresk (b. 1942), founding 1st violinist

Sweden 1966
  M T R
Freund H

Karl Freund, founding 1st violinist ?

Germany 1946?
  M R