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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  

City of origin (San Francisco)

    M R
  M R
Franz Schubert (Vienna)

Franz Schubert (1797–1828), composer

Austria 1974
1996 M R R
Fred Sherry

Fred Sherry (b. 1948), founding cellist

USA 2002
  M R
Fresk H

Lars Fresk (b. 1942), founding 1st violinist

Sweden 1966
  M T R
Freund H

Karl Freund, founding 1st violinist ?

Germany 1946?
  M R
USA 2011
  M R
Fry Street U

A street in Chicago

USA 1997
  M R

Lars Frydén (1927–2001), founding 1st violinist

Sweden 1947?
1974? M R
Great Britain 1966
  M T R R
Galatea U  
Switzerland 2005
  M R

Felix Galimir (1910–99), founding 1st violinist; his sisters, who formed the rest of the quartet.

Austria 1927
USA 1938
1993? M R R

Carl von Garaguly (1900–84), founding 1st violinist

  M R
Gaudeamus H

Stichting Gaudeamus (Gaudeamus Foundation)

Netherlands 1956
1988? M R R
Gelber Klang H

Der gelbe Klang, by Vasiliy Kandinskiy (1866–1944)

Germany 1992
  M R
Georgian State

Country of origin

Georgia 1966
  M R R
Georgian State Television and Radio

Organization of origin

  M R
German State Opera (Berlin) A
der deutschen Staatsoper Berlin

Organization of origin

Germany (Democratic Republic) 195u
  M R
Gertler H

André Gertler (1907–98), founding 1st violinist

Belgium 1931
1951? M R
Gewandhaus U H

Organization of origin (Leipziger Gewandhaus-Orchester) and the building in which many of the organization’s concerts have taken place

Germany 1806 ca.
  M T R