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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Duke       M R

Antonín Dvořák (1841–1904), composer

  M R
Dymiotis H

Theophanis Dymiotis (1965–2007), founding 1st violinist, presumably

  M R

Organization of origin

  M R
Éder H  
Hungary 1973
  M R R
Edinburgh U H

City of origin

Scotland 1959
  M T R R

James Ehnes (b. 1976), founding 1st violinist

USA 2010
  M T R
Either/Or U  
USA 2004
  M R

Ernest Element (1909–90), founding 1st violinist

  M R
Elias U

Felix Mendelssohn’s oratorio Elias (Elijah in English)

England 1998
  M R
Elysian H

Possibly an earlier group of the same name; suggested by a teacher

England 1999
  M R R
Emerson U

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–82), philosopher

USA 1976
  M T R R
Emily Carr U

Emily Carr (1871–1945) , artist 

Canada 2006
  M T R
Emperor U  
England 1992
  M R R
Endellion U H

Village of origin (St. Endellion, Cornwall, England)

England 1979
2021 M T R R

Heinz Endres, founding 1st violinist ?

    M R
Energie nove  
  M R
Enesco U A
Athenæum Enesco

George Enescu (Georges Enesco, 1881–1955), composer and violinist

France 1979
  M T R R
Engegård U H

Arvid Engegård (b. 1963), founding 1st violinist, presumably

Norway 2004
  M T R R
English [190u]

Country of origin

England 190u
  M R