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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Hanson Holger Viola Ivan Ericson b. 1917  
Hanson Holger Viola Saulesco b. 1917 1976 ca. ? d. 2009
Hanson Peter Violin I Hanson    
Hanstedt Georg Violin II Schuster    
Harabagiu Andrei Viola [Unnamed] (MSHD)    
Harada Koichiro Violin I Tōkyō b. 1945 1969 1981  
Harada Sadao Cello Tōkyō   1969 1999  
Harand Richard Cello European    
Harbaugh Ross Cello New World [1977]   1977 1993  
Harbaugh Ross Cello Bergonzi   1992  
Harding David Viola Transfigured Night    
Harding David Viola [Unnamed] (SPHB)    
Harding John Violin I Orlando    
Harding John Violin I Tall Poppies    
Harding John Violin I Sydney   1981  
Hardt Daniel Violin II [Unnamed] (LHDB)    
Hargitai Géza Violin II Bartók   1985  
Harlow Leslie Viola [Unnamed] (BTHB)    
Harman Jeremy Cello Sirius    
Harms Henning Cello Marselis