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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Haudenschild Emilie Violin I Erato    
Haudenschild Heinz Viola Erato    
Hauge Ottar Violin II Berwald    
Haupt Tobias Violin II Reinhold b. 1976 1996  
Hauser Emil Violin I Budapest b. 1893 1917 1932 d. 1978
Hausmann Friedrich Viola Klingler   1946 1948  
Häussler Stefan Violin I/II Kairos   2008  
Havemann Gustav Violin I Havemann b. 1882 192u? d. 1960
Haveron Andrew Violin I Brodsky b. 1975 1999 2007  
Havlák Lubomír Violin I Martinů   1976  
Hawkes Bill Viola Bălănescu    
Hawkins Brian Viola [Unnamed] (TCHT)   d. 2019
Hawkins Brian Viola Edinburgh   1959 1965 d. 2019
Hay Heather Cello Purcell b. 1958 1989 1991  
Hayes Clare Violin II Emperor    
Hazelwood Donald Violin I Austral    
Heard Cornelia D
Violin II Blair    
Heard ext Cornelia D
Violin I Colorado   1978 1979  
Additional references

Communication from Connie Heard, 2012-12-08

Heath Oliver Violin I Heath    
Heaton N. Violin II [Unnamed] (SHCE)