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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Greenberg Yoel Viola Carmel   2003  
Greene Richard Violin I Greene b. 1942  
Greenhouse Bernard Cello Kreiner b. 1916 1934 1934 d. 2011
Greenhouse Bernard Cello Dorian b. 1916 1939? 1942? d. 2011
Greenlees David Viola Valentin Berlinsky b. 1965  
Greensmith Clive Cello Tōkyō b. 1966 ca. 1999 2013  
Gregg Ann Viola Cypress   1998 2001  
Gregor-Smith Bernard Cello Lindsay   1966 2005  
Gregor-Smith Bernard Cello Dante   2005  
Gregorian Ara Violin I Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival    
Gregorian Ara Violin II [Unnamed] (SGBC)    
Gregorian Ara Violin I/II Dædalus   2010 201u  
Gregory Rohan Violin II QX   2005  
Greicius ext Vincent Violin II Philharmonic [1946 ca.] b. 1918 1946 ca. d. 1993
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The family name is misspelled in Grossman 1972.

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List of Cleveland Orchestra musicians [2013-01-09]

Greiner Hans-Joachim Viola Kreuzberg    
Grenser Friedrich Wilhelm Cello Gewandhaus b. 1805 1829 1835 d. 1859
Grenser Friedrich Wilhelm Cello Gewandhaus b. 1805 1836 1839 d. 1859
Greutter Roland Violin I [Unnamed] (GMZG)    
Greve Julia Violin II Buchberger    
Grieze Aīda Violin I [Unnamed] (GRKS)