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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Grieze Aīda Violin I [Unnamed] (GRKS)    
Griffin Stephanie Viola Momenta    
Griffiths Mike Violin II [Unnamed] (FGBK)    
Grigoryan D
Davit' D
Cello Komitas   1972 1976  
Griller Sidney Violin I Griller b. 1911 1928 1963 d. 1993
Grimmer Walter Cello Bern    
Grimsrud Harald Violin I [Unnamed] (GBML)    
Gringol'ts D
Il'ya D
Violin I Gringol'ts b. 1982 2008  
Grinthenko Mikola Violin I Collegium    
Grisenti Marie-Thérèse Cello Arpeggione    
Groben Françoise Cello Zehetmair    
Grobholz Werner Violin II Sinnhoffer    
Groblewski Ryzsard Viola [Unnamed] (OFGY)    
Groell Ernst Viola Busch b. 1877 1920 1920  
Gröner Ulrich Violin II Heine    
Groh Holger Violin II Steude b. 1976  
Gromko William Viola Classic    
Grond ext Peter Violin II Quinetique    
Problems, questions

Violin position to be confirmed

Gröndahl Gustav Cello [Unnamed] (BRAG)    
Gröndahl Gustav Cello [Unnamed] (CGHG)