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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Gorodetzky Jac Violin II Budapest b. 1913 1949 1955 d. 1955
Gorsuch Katharine Violin II Bronte    
Gosselin Viviane Cello [Unnamed] (FTDG)    
Gothóni Mark Violin I Orpheus b. 1967 2004  
Gotkovsky Jacques Violin II Loewenguth    
Goto Ayako Viola Schumann b. 1982 2009 2012  
Gottlieb Marc Violin I Claremont    
Gottlieb Victor Cello American Art   d. 1963
Gottlieb Victor Cello Coolidge [19uu]   d. 1963
Gottlieb Victor Cello Pro Arte   1941 1942 d. 1963
Gottraux François Violin II Sine Nomine    
Gottschalck Michael Cello Marselis    
Gottschewski Agnes Violin I Southwest Chamber Music    
Gough Christopher Cello Edinburgh   1975 1988  
Gouk Oleg Violin I Carlos Chávez    
Gouk Oleg Violin I Russian-American    
Gourfinkel D
Mikhail D
Viola Carlos Chávez    
Gozman D
Lazar' D
Violin I Leningrad State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra b. 1926  
Grabau Johann Andreas Cello Gewandhaus b. 1808 1835 1836 d. 1884
Graeler Louis Violin II Coolidge [19uu] b. 1913? d. 1987