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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lechow Ross Viola RCMT    
Leckie ext Jennifer Violin I Grant Street    

Occasionally violin II

Leclercq Marie Cello Thymos b. 1980  
Lederer Doris Viola [Unnamed] (PFLS) b. 1954  
Lederer D
Doris Viola Audubon b. 1954 1976 2011  
Lederlin Antoine Cello Belcea b. 1975 2006  
Ledig Martin Viola Benthien    
Leduc Roland Cello Montréal [1934] b. 1907 d. 2001
Lee Alexandra Cello Silver Birch   2004  
Lee Amos Violin I Revelation Ensemble    
Lee Bryan Violin II Dover    
Lee Charlton Viola Del Sol   1992  
Lee Cheng-Hou Cello Avalon    
Lee Deanna Violin I [Unnamed] (LCBH)    
Lee Elissa Violin I [Unnamed] (LLLO)    
Lee Eugene Violin I [Unnamed] (LKIC)    
Lee D
Gee D
Violin II Stanislas    
Lee Jong Eun Violin I Stony Brook    
Lee Kett-Chuan Cello Boston    
Lee Lisa Violin II LARK   2007 2008