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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Liebmann Helen Cello Arditti   1976 1977  
Lier Sabine Violin II Berganza    
Lifschey Samuel Viola [Unnamed] (MDLV) b. 1889 d. 1961
Lifsitz Frederick Violin II Alexander    
Light Herbert Violin I New Philadelphia b. 1936  
Liivoja Jack Violin II [Unnamed] (RLMR)    
Lilleslåtten Espen Violin I [Unnamed] (LATG)    
Lillis David Violin I RTÉ    
Lilmonick Marvin Violin II American Art    
Lim Anna Violin I [Unnamed] (LGSS)    
Lim Michael Violin I St. Helens    
Lim Michael Jinsoo Violin I/II Corigliano    
Lim Sungyong Cello Borealis   2015  
Lin Chen Viola Boston    
Lin Jasmine Violin II Chicago   2000 ca. 2003?  
Lin Joanne Cello Momenta    
Lin Joseph Violin I Juilliard b. 1978 2011 2018  
Lin Lucia Violin II Muir   1998  
Lin Pei-Ling Viola Friction    
Lin Pei-Ling Viola New Fromm Players