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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Ladewig Isabelle Violin II [Unnamed] (LLLO)    
Ladhuie Pierre Viola [Unnamed] (ADLA)    
Laginha Maria José Violin II Lopes-Graça    
Laing Amy Cello Madawaska   2004 2007  
Laing Andrew Violin I Locrian    
Lakatoš Alexander Viola Moyzes    
Lakatos Janet Viola Los Angeles    
Laksov Joakim Cello [Unnamed] (PÅBL)    
Lale Peter Viola Britten    
Laléouse Michel Viola Bernède   1970 1989  
Lambert Frédéric Viola Lloyd Carr-Harris    
Lambert Frédéric Viola Molinari   2007  
Lambert Paul Viola Liège    
Lambert Sylvie Cello Molinari b. 1958 1997 2000  
Lambinon ext Nicolas Violin I Lambinon    
Problems, questions

Identity to be verified

Lambooij Henk Cello Raphael b. 1933  
Lambooy Henk Cello [Unnamed] (SETL)    
Lambros Maria Viola Meliora    
Lambros Maria Viola Mendelssohn    
Lamotte Dorian Violin II Debussy   2008 2012?