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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lefkowitz Ronan Violin I Hawthorne    
Lehmann ext Kim Viola DaPonte   2007 2007  

Substitute for almost one year

Lehmann Wilfred Violin I Lehmann b. 1929  
Lehmann Wilfred Violin I Sydney    
Lehmann Wilfred Violin II Sydney    
Lehner Eugen D
Viola Kolisch b. 1906 1927 1939 d. 1997
Lehnhoff Sheppard Viola Fine Arts b. 1905 1939 1952 d. 1978
Lehto Atso Viola Kerava    
Lehtonen Jani Violin I Arkadia    
Lehtonen Jani Violin II Arkadia    
Lei Theodore Chung Viola Fejes    
Leishman Karin Violin I Alberni   2005  
Leixner Vladimír Cello Stamic b. 1952 1985 2007 d. 2007
Lemaire ext Fernand Auguste Cello Pro Arte b. 1894 1912 1916?  
Problems, questions

His membership in the Quartet is uncertain, if likely.

Lemaire Jules Cello Indig    
Lend Andreas Cello Prezioso    
Lendvai György Violin II Somogyi    
Lener Eugene Viola Stradivarius [1929 ca.]    
Lenski Kathleen Violin I Angeles   1987 2001  
Lentz Georges Violin II Tall Poppies