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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lewis Gabriello Violin II This Side Up    
Lewis Joan Bullen Cello [Unnamed] (OLTL)    
Lewis ext Roy Violin II Kronos   1975 1976  
Additional references

Prometheus Ensemble [2012-12-09]

Lewis Roy Violin II Manhattan [1968] b. 1950 1976 1993  
Leybin Zoya Violin II Stanford [1984]   1987 1989  
Leyvand Emil' Violin I All-Union Radio    
Li Bo Cello Atlantic [1995]    
Li D
Honggang D
Viola Shanghai    
Li D
Honggang D
Violin II Shanghai   1983  
Li Si-Yan Darren Cello Euclid   2009  
Li Si-Yan Darren Cello Cavani   2017 2018  
Li Valerie Violin I Afiara   2006 2016  
Li D
Weigang D
Violin I Shanghai   1983  
Liakákis D
Ángelos D
Cello New Hellenic b. 1980 2007  
Liang D
Hanlin D
涵 琳
Violin I Jade [2001]    
Liao Mei-Chen Violin I [Unnamed] (LHDB)    
Liberti Thomas Cello Symphonia   1953  
Libove Charles Violin I Beaux Arts b. 1926 19uu d. 2008
Lie Michelle Violin II Tesla b. 1982 2011  
Lieberman Michael Viola St. Helens