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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Brieff Frank Viola Guilet b. 1912 d. 2005
Brightwell Micah Ringham Violin II New Fromm Players    
Bringolf Régis Violin II Hugo Wolf   1993  
Brink Robert Violin II Summer Session b. 1924 1950  
Brodard Thierry Violin I Parisii   1981 2002?  
Brodin Gereon Viola Kyndel b. 1901 1941 1952  
Brodo Amy Cello [Unnamed] (LHDB)    
Brodowski David Violin I Brodowski   2005  
Brodsky ext Jascha Violin I Curtis b. 1907 1932 d. 1997
Additional references

Heyman 1992

Brøndal Lea Emilie Cello Nordic    
Brooker ext Anita Violin II Florida    
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Brophy Robert Viola New Hollywood    
Brophy Robert Viola Ensō   2001 2006  
Brosa Antonio Violin I Brosa b. 1894 1925 1938 ca. d. 1979
Brosa ext Antonio Violin I Pro Arte b. 1894? 1940 1944 d. 1979
Problems, questions

In a letter dated September 21, 1943, Antonio Brosa indicates he was born in 1897.

Broström Tage Viola Garaguly    
Brotbek Conradin Cello Aria b. 1960  
Brott Alexander Violin I McGill b. 1915 1939 195u d. 2005
Brott Denis Cello Orford b. 1950 1980 1988  
Broutin Paul Cello [Unnamed] (NSJB)