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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Broström Tage Viola Garaguly    
Brotbek Conradin Cello Aria b. 1960  
Brott Alexander Violin I McGill b. 1915 1939 195u d. 2005
Brott Denis Cello Orford b. 1950 1980 1988  
Broutin Paul Cello [Unnamed] (NSJB)    
Brown Chris Viola Doric   1998 2004  
Brown Hilary Cello Blue Engine   1997  
Brown Jonathan Viola Casals b. 1974 2002  
Brown Mary-Elizabeth Violin I Madawaska   2010 2011  
Brown Niall Cello Australian   1997 2006  
Brown Dan Robie Cello Cavatina    
Browne Rachel Violin II Camilli    
Bruegger Ruth Violin II San Gabriel    
Bruinier August Violin I Bruinier b. 1897 1922 ca. 1944 ca. d. 1970
Brun Alphonse Violin II Klingler   1916 1917  
Brunet Noël Violin I [Unnamed] (BBRJ)    
Bruni Catherine Cello Ascanio    
Brunier Alain Cello Debussy   2005  
Brunner Anna Violin I/II Amar [1987] b. 1972 1987  
Brunner Fritz Violin I [Unnamed] (BHBH)