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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Cantor Emile Viola Orpheus b. 1955 1987  
Cantoreggi ext Muriel Violin I/II Swiss Chamber Concerts    

Also plays viola.

Cao Jia Cello Dakota    
Cap Luděk Violin I Kubín b. 1955  
Cap Luděk Violin II Kubín b. 1955 1972  
Capelle Fernande Violin I Capelle b. 1862? d. 1946?
Caplin Martha Violin I Primavera    
Caravassilis D
Eve-Marie Cello Psophos b. 1982  
Carbone Ronald Viola New Boston    
Carbone Ronald Viola Silvermine    
Cardas D
Værnes Cardas
Berit Violin I/II Vertavo b. 1969 1984 2011  
Cardas D
Værnes Cardas
Berit Viola Vertavo b. 1969 2011  
Cardas Emery Cello Christopher b. 1961 198u  
Cardas Józek D
Violin II Christopher    
Cardas Patrick Viola Christopher   198u  
Cardas Pavel Violin I Christopher   198u  
Cárdenas Antonio Violin II Bretón    
Carelle Beatrice Violin II Menges    
Carembat Louis Violin I Carembat    
Carey Bridget Viola Kreutzer