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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Chan Ivan Violin I Miami   1995 2009  
Chan ext Rebecca Violin II Hamer    
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Chancey Scott Viola Atlantic [1987]    
Chandrákis D
Apóstolos D
Cello New Hellenic   1991 2007  
Chandrákis D
Dimítris D
Violin II New Hellenic b. 1965 1991  
Chang Jessica Viola Afiara   2013 2014  
Chang Johnny Violin II New Century Players    
Chang ext Sharon Violin II Grant Street    

Occasionally violin I

Chapel Janet Cello [Unnamed] (CCFC)    
Chaplin Diane Cello Colorado   1988 2009  
Chappell Ben Cello McCapra    
Chapple Norman Violin II Brosa    
Chardon Yves Cello Chardon b. 1902?  
Charisius Isabel Viola Alban Berg b. 1970 2005 2008  
Charleson Elizabeth Violin II Vanbrugh   1985 1998  
Charlier Claire Violin II Verdi    
Charpentier Marcel Violin II Parrenin    
Charpentier Marcel Violin II Bernède   1970 1991  
Chase Roger Viola Quartet of London    
Chau ext Paul Viola Colorado   1976 197u  
Additional references

Communication from Katie Schlaikjer, 2013-07-03