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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Choi ext En Sik Viola Borromeo   1989 1994  
Additional references

Agassiz Festival [2013-01-28]

Choi Estelle Cello Calidore    
Choi Jacqueline Cello Euclid   2016 2021  
Choi Jennifer Violin I Crowley    
Choi Jennifer Violin II Secret    
Choi Jennifer Violin II Miró   1995 1996  
Choi Jennifer Violin I/II Ethel   2011 2012  
Choi Ye-Eun Violin II [Unnamed] (MCBS)    
Cholakian Anna Cello Cassatt b. 1962 1985 d. 1996
Chonabayashi Sae Violin II Jasper   2007 2018  
Chong Daniel Violin I Parker   2002  
Chorzelski Krzysztof Viola Belcea b. 1971 1996  
Chovanec Jaroslav Cello Novák    
Chrétien Raphaël Cello Arpeggione b. 1972  
Christensen Flemming Viola Scandinavian    
Christensen Roy Cello Shelburne    
Christensen Virginia Viola Shelburne    
Christian Thomas Violin I Thomas Christian Ensemble b. 1951  
Christians Bo-Göran Cello [Unnamed] (HAPC)    
Christiansen Asger Lund Cello Erling Bloch b. 1927 1948? 1957 d. 1998