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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Chêne Guy Viola Bernède   1967 1970  
Chenoweth Jonathan Cello Faber    
Cherbas Katherine Cello Fred Sherry    
Cherkashina D
Elena D
Violin II Tver' Philharmonic    
Chernyavskiy D
David D
Violin II St. Petersburg b. 1978 2002 2005  
Cheung Alissa Violin II Enterprise    
Cheung Alissa Violin I/II Bozzini   2015  
Chevalier Franck Viola Diotima b. 1973 1997  
Chiarueli Boris Violin I Georgian State    
Chickering David Cello Dominion    
Chiffoleau Yvan Cello Isasi    
Chijiiwa Eiichi Violin II Thymos b. 1969  
Chijiiwa Eiichi Violin I Diotima b. 1969 1996 2001  
Chijiiwa Eiichi Violin I/II Diotima b. 1969 2001 2005  
Chilikov D
Dimităr D
Viola Dimov   1956  
Chilingirian Levon Violin I Chilingirian b. 1948 1971  
Chin Eric Violin I/II Telegraph    
Ching ext Daniel Violin I Miró   1995  

Daniel Ching and Sandy Yamamoto occasionally switched parts.

Chisholm Sally Viola Thouvenel    
Chisholm Sally Viola [Unnamed] (KKCR)