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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Cardas Józek D
Violin II Christopher    
Cardas Patrick Viola Christopher   198u  
Cardas Pavel Violin I Christopher   198u  
Cárdenas Antonio Violin II Bretón    
Carelle Beatrice Violin II Menges    
Carembat Louis Violin I Carembat    
Carey Bridget Viola Kreutzer   1995 2005  
Carles Nicolas Viola Thymos    
Carlsen Jan Clemens Cello Engegård   2013  
Carlsson Berndt Cello Aulin b. 1854 1886 1900  
Carlsten Per Violin I [Unnamed] (CGHG)    
Carlsten Per Violin II Barkel   1928  
Carlyss Earl Violin II Juilliard b. 1939 1966 1986  
Carney Jonathan Violin II Bălănescu    
Carney Jonathan Violin I Lyric    
Carney Laurie Violin II American   1974  
Carovani Cosimo Cello Daphnis    
Carovani Cosimo Cello Indaco    
Carr Colin Cello [Unnamed] (PKSC)    
Carr Molly Viola Serafin