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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Buxbaum Friedrich Cello Fitzner b. 1869 189u d. 1948
Buxbaum Friedrich Cello Rosé b. 1869 1901 1921 ca. d. 1948
Buxbaum Friedrich Cello Rosé b. 1869 1930 d. 1948
Büyükçelen Müge Violin I Emily Carr   2006  
Byers Eric Cello Calder    
Bylund M Viola Stockholm [1976]   1976  
Bylund Martin Violin II Saulesco   1972 1976 ca. ?  
Čadek Ottokar Violin I New York [1919] b. 1897 1919 1933 d. 1956
Čadek Ottokar Violin I Čadek b. 1897 1946 1956 d. 1956
Cadieux Todd Violin I Marselis    
Callier Yannick Cello Debussy   1990 2005  
Callow Colin Violin II English [1982]    
Callow Colin Violin II Medici   199u 199u  
Calloway Jason Cello Biava    
Calloway Jason Cello Amernet   2010  
Calnan Patricia Violin I Lyric    
Calvet Joseph Violin I Calvet b. 1897 1919 ca. 1950 ca. d. 1984
Camerini V. Cello [Unnamed] (NDBC)    
Cameron Douglas Cello Blech    
Cameron Douglas Cello New London