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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Bulbrook Andrew Violin II Calder    
Bullock Whitney Viola Apollo Chamber Players    
Bunch Kenji Viola [Unnamed] (SGBC) b. 1973  
Bunch Kenji Viola Flux b. 1973 1996 2002  
Büning Tilman Violin II Leipzig b. 1968 1988  
Burgess Martin Violin I Emperor   1992  
Burgin Richard Violin I Boston Symphony b. 1892 d. 1981
Burrin Philip Violin II Edinburgh   1998 2013  
Burton Philip Viola Griller b. 1907 1928 1960 d. 1961
Busbridge Judith Viola Dante   1995  
Busch Adolf Violin I Busch b. 1891 1919 d. 1952
Butler ext Mark Violin II Chilingirian   1971 1992  
Additional references

Academy of St. Martin in the Fields [2013-02-12]

Butvila Raimondas Violin II Lithuanian State Philharmonic   1981 1992  
Buxbaum Friedrich Cello Fitzner b. 1869 189u d. 1948
Buxbaum Friedrich Cello Rosé b. 1869 1901 1921 ca. d. 1948
Buxbaum Friedrich Cello Rosé b. 1869 1930 d. 1948
Büyükçelen Müge Violin I Emily Carr   2006  
Byers Eric Cello Calder    
Bylund M Viola Stockholm [1976]   1976  
Bylund Martin Violin II Saulesco   1972 1976 ca. ?